2m 1394B Firewire Cables

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2m 1394B Firewire Cables

2m 1394B Firewire Cable

High Performance Universal I/O with Data Rates up to 800 Mbps.

Designed around Plug & Play and Hot Swap technologies, the IEEE 1394B port is used to handle Bandwidth intensive fast serial devices, such as Digital Video Camcorders, High Resolution Digital Cameras, HDTV, Set-Top Boxes, Hard Disks, DVD-ROM Drives, Networking, Printers and Scanners.

FireWire also supports compressed / uncompressed Video support.

Up to 63 devices may be connected on a single bus segment, but bus segments may be bridged together, making it possible to connect many multiples of 63 devices.

FireWire 800 cables include "Beta" and "Bilingual" versions.

"Beta" refers to cables with 1394b 9 pin connectors on both ends.

"Bilingual" refers to cables used to connect FireWire 800 to FireWire 400, and have a 9 pin connector on one end and a standard 6 or 4 pin on the other.

IEEE 1394B FireWire allows peripherals to be added or disconnected from a computer without the need to reboot.

IEEE100 - 9 Pin to 4 Pin

IEEE120 - 9 Pin to 6 Pin (Pictured)

IEEE140 - 9 Pin to 9 Pin

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