4 Compartment Chassis with RCBO Protection, C20 16A Input

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4 Compartment Chassis with RCBO Protection, C20 16A Input

Vertical PDU which allows hot swapping of individual modules.

The Modular PDU Series gives the Installer and End User alike complete freedom to place the correct power socket in a cabinet in the correct place every time.

Using a Vertical Zero U body with inputs of anything up to 16A and 32A, all have RCBO protection and a digital amp / volt meter option.

Two Chassis sizes of 4 or 5 compartment which fit comfortably in a 42U cabinet, give the flexibility of placing the power modules nearest the equipment, and there are 11 different modules to choose, various versions of UK, C13, C19, Overseas and individually fused options.

The Chassis has a bus bar backplane that feeds the first to last socket all the time so that any module can be hot swapped anywhere in the chassis without powering down the PDU, the modules only become live when fully inserted and can be removed only when the locking mechanism is pressed, we offer a blank module to tidy up the appearance but it isn’t necessary, so the overall cost of the Modular PDU will always be in the control of the specifier.


Length  1415mm

Width     50mm

Depth    50mm

Depth with module fitted is 70mm

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