ACF502 Netshelter SX600 Roof Fan Tray 208-230VAC

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ACF502 Netshelter SX600 Roof Fan Tray 208-230VAC

Roof Fan Tray 208/230VAC 50/60HZ for NetShelter SX 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosures

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The Rack Fan Tray is a low cost solution that aids in heat removal from a Netshelter Enclosure. The system easily installs into the top of the enclosure and expels heat from the roof of the rack. Wall-mounted enclosures have the additional option of installing the rack fan tray systems in the base of the rack as well. The fan trays are designed to promote bottom to top airflow within the enclosure.

Includes : Installation Guide

  • Facilitates overhead cable management
  • Overhead cable troughs and partitions install toollessly on the roof of the enclosure eliminating the need for ceiling mounted or underfloor mounted cable trays. Cable troughs and partitions are designed to manage both power and data cables while maintaining separation.
  • Fan guards
    A safety measure that provides protection from the fan opening by covering the inlet.
  • Ships fully assembled
    NetShelter VX Enclosures ship fully assembled reducing the time required to install equipment.

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