Excel Solid Cat6a Cable U/FTP S-Foil LSOH CPR Euroclass Dca Ice Blue

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Excel Solid Cat6a Cable U/FTP S-Foil LSOH CPR Euroclass Dca Ice Blue

Excel Category 6A Screened (U/FTP) S-Foil Cable - LSOH

Excel Category 6A - Augmented Category 6 - cables, and associated connectors, take the performance capabilities of copper infrastructure to new levels.

The cable has been designed to exceed the ISO/IEC, TIA and CENELEC for Category 6A/Augmented Category 6 component requirements.

This delivers Class EA/Augmented Category 6 link performance over distances of up 90 metres which supports the applications including 10GBASE-T, 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Each cable consists of two sets of two pairs are wrapped together in an "S" configuration with high quality, strong, aluminium/polyester foil tape providing screening for each pair. The "S" Foil configuration ensures separation of the pairs that ensures the performance. By using two sets of two pairs has resulted in a reduced diameter and weight cable.

The smaller cable diameter has reduced the cable cross-sectional area by 14.5%. This design change has been instigated to benefit the installer and end user in many direct and indirect ways. Reducing the size and weight means the cable occupies less space in the containment which in turn improves airflow in under floor installations. Less weight means that the containment can be of lighter construction. It also means that handling the cable on site is easier. Smaller diameter cable means that there is waste packaging to dispose of. The individual pairs are set to different lay lengths to ensure optimum performance.

Excel Category 6A cables are jacketed in an Ice Blue low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) compound compliant with flame retardant standards as defined in IEC 60332-1, and smoke emission standards IEC61034. Supplied on 305m boxes or 500m metre plywood drums, each cable has a print legend identifying the specification, part code and sequential metre marking which counts down from 500 metres to 1 metre, on each drum to reduce waste.

Available in 305m boxes or 500m wooden drums, see options menu

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