Mini Desk with 1 x UK Power & Dual 3.4A USB Charger

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Mini Desk with 1 x UK Power & Dual 3.4A USB Charger

Mini Desk with 1 x UK Power & Dual 3.4A USB Charger

•  5V 3.5A dual port USB charger
•  Individually fused to BS6396:2008
•  6 interchangeable coloured end-caps
•  45° angled BS1363 sockets
•  Small footprint 160mm long
•  Tough RAL 9003 white finish
•  6 interchangeable coloured top lids
•  500mm lead to GST male connector

The MINI desktop is designed to be as small as possible on a desktop, offer mixed choices of individually fused UK power sockets to BS 6396:2008 and a powerful 3.4A USB to charge any smart phone or tablet.

To suit the office décor or the mood of the user, 6 coloured end cap and top lid options are available in (very) bright Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink and a more reserved light Grey, these can be simply fitted, and no tools are needed.

Each unit comes with a pair desk clamps and sticky pads to fix onto the desktop, and importantly the MINI series is compatible with all P-PACK ranges and START cables.

MINI Desktops

MINI Desk2  -  2 x Individually fused sockets
MINI Desk1U  -   1x Individually fused socket, 1x dual 5V 3.4A USB charger
MINI DeskU2  -  2 x dual 5V 3.4A USB charger


Additional information

Dimensions 160mm long, 75mm high and 70mm deep
0.5-metre 1.5mm lead to male GST
5A fused as standard

Supplied in white as standard, just add the end caps or lids or both from the related products.

Don't forget to order the unique START power lead to power these up!

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