DVI-A to SVGA Adaptor

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DVI-A to SVGA Adaptor

DVI-A to SVGA Adaptor

DVI-A male to VGA female adaptor for connecting a VGA monitor to a DVI-A or DVI-I source.

Digital displays or LCD's will only work if they use analog signal as well.

The analogue pins are connected from the DVI source to the corresponding VGA pins.

These adaptors do not convert digital signals into VGA, DVI-D, you need a converter DVIVGA02.

  • DVI-A 17 pin to HD 15 VGA
  • Analogue only pins connected
  • Single link
  • Compliant to DVI 1.0 specification
  • Suitable for SVGA monitors with own cable attached
  • Gold Contacts

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