DVI-A to SVGA Adaptor Reversed

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  • Product Code: DV001REV
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DVI-A to SVGA Adaptor Reversed

DVI-A to SVGA Adaptor

DVI-A female to VGA male adaptor for connecting a DVI-I or DVI-A monitor to a VGA source.

DV001REV is the reverse version of the DVI-A to VGA adaptor, it uses the analog signals from the VGA port for use on a DVI-I monitor.

Digital displays or LCD's will only work if they use analog signal. Please note this does not convert VGA into a digital signal so will not work on DVI-D equipment.

The DVI is a 29 pin connector although only DVI-A pins will be physically connected.

  • DVI-A single Link
  • Compliant to DVI-A 1.0 specification
  • Analogue Only
  • Suitable for DVI monitors with own cable attached
  • Gold Contacts

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