Fujikura FSM-18S Fusion Splicer

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Fujikura FSM-18S Fusion Splicer

Fujikura FSM-18S Fusion Splicer

The FSM-18S Fusion Splicer is a low cost, fixed V-groove, single fibre fusion splicer with the same robust features offered in other high end models. The new rugged construction adds improved reliability by resisting shock, dust, and rain, and withstands a 30" drop test.

New features such as automatic tube heater operation, user-selectable clamping method (sheath clamp or fibre holder system), automated monitor image orientation, and battery charge capability during splicer operation provide the end user a reliable productivity tool. New software is included with each splicer and provides the user with the ability to download splice data to a PC for splice data reporting, download splicer operating software via the internet to maintain peak performance, and download video images from the splicer to enhance technical support.


  • Highly durable – designed for tough environments
  • Suitable for single fibre splicing
  • Cladding alignment with fixed V-groove
  • Auto-start tube heater
  • Optional fibre clamping methods
  • Splice image capture facility
  • Software upgrade via Internet
  • Includes multi-function worktable

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