HDMI (Source) to VGA (Display) Adaptor+Audio+USB Power

  • Brand: Newlink
  • Product Code: HDMI-HSV03
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HDMI (Source) to VGA (Display) Adaptor+Audio+USB Power

The NLHDMI-HSV converts the HDMI digital signal into a VGA analogue signal for use with VGA displays, it also has a 3.5mm stereo socket to output sound to devices such as speakers. 

Comes with USB cable should extra power be needed.


·         Easy to Use: Installs in seconds and does not need drivers

·         Converts HDMI in to VGA video with audio

·         3.5mm Stereo output port

·         Built in HDMI cable

·         Input HDMI

·         Output VGA

·         Micro USB port(for power)

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