PlenaFill Blanking Panels - White

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PlenaFill Blanking Panels - White

PlenaFill Blanking Panels - White

  • PlenaFill® Blanking Panels Now in White

The popular PlenaFill® Blanking Panel solution is now available in White as well as in the standard Dark Grey.

PlenaFill® blanking panels provide a rapid means to blanking off large areas of unused rack space. PlenaFill® blanking panels are supplied in a 27U sheet form, in boxes of 10 sheets.

Simply break off the required number of U and install using special fastners (not included, order separately). Fastners are available to suit all types of rails including square, round and threaded holes.

PlenaFill® installs in seconds without the need for any tools, cage nuts or grommets. Blanking panels play a major role in improving the Data Centre eco system, as they prevent hot exhaust air recirculating to the front of the cabinet and mixing with the cool conditioned air.

PlenaFill® Specification & Features
  • Fits all 19" EIA server racks.
  • Quickly fills large areas of un-occupied rack space, stopping by-pass airflow and hot air recirculation.
  • Fit snugly in place with no air gaps between U's.
  • Fire rated material: ULVO class 94.
  • No more guessing at how many blanking panels are required.
  • Can be cut and used to blank areas of less than 1U.
  • Sheets are 1200mm x 489mm x 1mm and weigh approximately 630g.
  • Shipping weight of a pack of 10 sheets is approx. 8Kgs.
Benefits of White PlenaFill® Blanking Panels
  • Improvement in light levels, due to reflectiveness of white material.
  • Instantly identify ares of unused rack space.
  • Looks better in light coloured racks, compared to standard PlenaFill®.

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