PDUs, or Power Distribution Units, are an essential part of rack-based IT equipment.

They are designed to provide the protection that rack-mounted electronics need. The standard UK PDUs that we offer are designed with the needs of rack-mount electronics in mind and have been created specifically with the UK market in mind.

At Adept Networks, we have an extensive range of professional-grade power distribution units (PDUs) designed specifically for the 19" electronic enclosure market. It is offered with a comprehensive range of socket choices to suit wall-mounting or floor-standing cabinets.

Listed below are some of the technical specifications for the standard UK power distribution units:

  • All aluminium housings allow for optimal cooling, which prolongs the lifespan of the electronics inside.
  • BS1363 sockets are angled for optimum cable dressing on vertical mount units.
  • Illuminated and fully shrouded switchgear to match all PDUs.
  • External earthing allows for the simple connection of mains earth leakage protection.
  • The 3-metre input lead is terminated with a BS1363 plug fused at 13A, ideal for use on floor-standing cabinets and riser racks.
  • These PDUs are all Access, Excel, and TF wall box compatible.
  • For horizontal units, 1.5 units of rack space are required.
  • The unit's overall rating is 13A (3000 watts).

With our range of horizontal rack mounts and vertical UK PDUs, we are sure to have the ideal solution to suit any rack-mount or PDU application.

You can be certain to find a product that matches your requirements with us! So start by browsing our range today and placing your order!