SATA 1-2 External Data Cable

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SATA 1-2 External Data Cable

Serial ATA a replacement for 40 way IDE cable, the SATA connector and cable are smaller (which improves air circulation), the current data transfer rate is ATA-150 (1.5Gbps) and ATA-300 (3.0 Gbps).

External SATA cables are the same as internal but can be used on SATA back plates.

eSATA (external SATA) is a way to connect devices externally, this type of cable has a different
connector to SATA. SATA cables have an L shape connector while eSATA do not and therefore will not fit together.

There are two types of SATA cables, SATA and eSATA. Each type has either a male or female
connector, the cables can also be rated at either 1.5Gbps(SATA I) or 3.0Gbps(SATA II).

The confusion starts when SATA cables are used externally, these are not eSATA cables even
though they can be used externally on back plates.

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