Splice Protectors

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Splice Protectors

Splice ProtectorsAfter making a fusion splice joint, slide the protector sleeve over the joint and apply heat, either with an oven or a heat gun and shrink the sleeve onto the fibre.

The protector comprises a stainless steel pin over an EVA adhesive lined tube and the assembly surrounded by a heat shrinkable polyethylene colour coded tube, length 61mm.

  • Designed to restore complete environmental and mechanical integrity of coating or buffer of optical fibre after splicing.
  • Hot melt adhesive tube bonds both to the fibre and heat shrinkable tube to effectively encapsulate fusion splice.
  • Resistant to heat shocks.
  • Sleeves are preshrunk which ensures entegrity of assembly during transportation.
  • Clear colour.
  • Other colours available upon request.
  • Available from stock in 61mm or 45mm to order.

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