20 Pair 201 Connection Box

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20 Pair 201 Connection Box

20 Pair 201 Connection Box

The 200 connection boxes are a low profile plastic for 20 pairs.

Supplied with base, lid with 2 screws, 2 x 237A connection strips, 1 x 10 way PCB earth strip.

Dimensions 170 x 120 x 55mm.

  • Cable access is via lid knockout features
  • Internal cable management features incorporating integral jumper rings and a 10 way earth bar
  • Two captive screws ensure the lid is kept firmly in place
  • A removable button in the centre of the lid allows for customised logo’s
  • Mark up field to underside of lid for labelling and identification
  • Optional deep lid version allows for fitment ofprotector mount 5B, providing over voltage protection using gas discharge tubes

Pressac Ref. 60.10700.PS8XX

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