10 Pair CW1128 External Grade Cable

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  • Product Code: TC10PB
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10 Pair CW1128 External Grade Cable

When you need an external cable laying, it’s important to be able to depend on the structure and security of the product. Manufactured in accordance with the stringent BT type CW 1128 requirements, you know that you’ll be able to rely on this one to meet your power needs. With the ability to select and pay per meter, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary waste either, you can make your order fit your job exactly.

The cable is made up of conductors of solid plain copper that are then insulated with cellular polyethylene to ensure consistent energy. The conductors are then twisted into pairs and the ten pairs are laid up into units, which are easily identifiable by coloured types. The cables are petroleum jelly filled and sheathed in black polyethylene, providing essential all-weather protection that’s necessary for any external cable.

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