50 Pair 251 Connection Box

  • Brand: Kauden
  • Product Code: 251A
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50 Pair 251 Connection Box

50 Pair 251 Connection Box

A Plastic Enclosure fitted with 5 Way Backmount Frame to allow the installation of up to 5 Terminal Strips.

The cover is secured by large head quick release screws.

Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 90mm

  • Cable access is via side panel tear out features
  • Internal cable management via 4 off 37B jumper rings
  • The earth bar assembly provides a common earthing point
  • Side and end panels can be removed to allow side by side mounting
  • Captive quarter turn locking posts ensure that the lid can be easily removed
  • A removable button in the centre of the lid allows for customised logo’s.

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