AMP Cat.5e RJ45 Crimp Plug

  • Brand: AMP
  • Product Code: RJ001
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AMP Cat.5e RJ45 Crimp Plug


The Cat.5E Modular Plug is a two-piece design consisting of the modular plug body with contacts, and a load bar or wire holder.

Features and Benefits

  • True mass displacement termination of jacketed cable with solid or stranded conductors
  • New Universal contact providing reliable termination of solid or stranded conductors
  • Meets or exceeds EIA/TIA and ISO industry performance and specifications
  • Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc, File # E81956
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association Certificate No LR 7189A

Product Attributes

  • Brand:             NETCONNECT (COMMSCOPE)
  • Cable OD         4.8mm-5.6mm
  • Cable Type      Round
  • Colour             Clear
  • Conductor      23-24 AWG Stranded, 24-26 AWG Solid
  • Connector      8P8C
  • Description     RJ45 Plug
  • Performance  Cat5e
  • Shielding        Unshielded
  • Type                Two-Part



Voltage:                               150 volts AC maximum
Current:                               Signal application only, 0.75 ampere maximum
Voltage Proof:                     1000 volts AC between contacts 1500 volts AC all contacts connected together with shield
Insulation Resistance:         500 Mega ohms minimum

Durability:                            750 mating cycles
Bending:                              22N [5 lbs]
Pull (Tensile):                      22N [5 lbs]
Flex:                                    50 cycles (solid conductors) or 250 cycles (stranded conductors)
Torsion:                               10N [2.2 lbs]

Temperature rating:          -10°C to +60°C
Rapid Temperature:          -40°C to 70°C
Cyclic Damp Heat:            25°C to 65°C @ 93%RH
Mixed Flow Gas:               IEC 60512-11-7 Method 1

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