Ideal Telemaster™ RJ-11/RJ-45 Crimp Tool

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Ideal Telemaster™ RJ-11/RJ-45 Crimp Tool

  • Crimps industry standard Cat 5e/6 RJ-45 (8P8C) and RJ-11/12 (6P6C/6P4C) modular plugs
  • Lighter and more compact version of the 30-696 Ratchet Telemaster
  • Precision ground contact dies evenly crimp all standard plugs to industry specifications
  • Multi-function tool also cuts UTP/STP and strips Cat 5e/6 round cable jackets

The Telemaster is the original professional grade tool designed for everyday usage in the data and telecommunications fields by industry professionals.

The Telemaster has been a best-selling tool for crimping Cat5e and Cat 6 modular plugs for over 15 years. Precision ground crimp teeth and a steel-walled body keep the connector stable and all of the moving parts aligned throughout the crimp process for a perfect crimp every time. Many general purpose tools inconsistently crimp each of the eight contacts of a modular plug, and the tool cavity can bend under crimping stresses. This results in weak conductor to pin contact points from contacts that were not fully seated. Uneven/unseated contacts can also cause damage to the mating connector port.

The Telemaster is a weight relieved, non-ratcheting version of the 30-696 Ratchet Telemaster. It provides consistent quality terminations in a smaller and lighter form.

For a time-proven, reliable and best in class modular plug crimping tool, look no further than the Telemaster from IDEAL.

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