HDMI/SVGA/Composite/Audio Faceplate

  • Brand: Adept
  • Product Code: FPAV1
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HDMI/SVGA/Composite/Audio Faceplate

Multi-function audio/visual single gang (86x86mm) faceplate with screw terminals only.


  • Screw terminals for rear cabling on all connections
  • Audio/Visual out via phono/RCA connections
  • HDMI 1.4 Audio/Data connection
  • SVGA (HD15) Female monitor connection
  • 3.5mm Audio connection
  • Very low profile design (total depth 26mm)

You can remove the upper two modules to show the audio VGA board pin outs if required

VGA Spec on pins is

1 Red Signal
6 Red Signal ground
2 Green Signal
7 Green Signal Ground
3 Blue Signal
8 Blue Signal Ground

13 Horizontal sync
14 vertical sync


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