We offer you an extensive range of professional-grade power distribution units designed specifically for the 19" electronic enclosure markets.

Offered with a comprehensive range of IEC320 C13 socket choices to suit wall mounting or floor standing cabinets. Power distribution units (PDUs) give you the opportunity to install a large number of sockets for a multitude of devices, allowing you to use a single power distribution unit.

It is great news for businesses, as it means that each member of staff can have their own power sources installed. Aside from increased convenience, it reduces the risk of circuit overload, shutdowns, and tripping hazards.

Extension Power Distribution Units are Used in many different applications, such as UPS systems, pE systems, and Enterprise IT Server room applications. There are many benefits to using extension power distribution units.

For example, PDUs can ease administrative burdens and workloads, and contribute to better organisational productivity. Installing PDUs is a safer and more efficient way to install electrical outlets.

They are ideal in environments where electrical equipment is installed in multiple locations. There are many PDUs available in the commercial market, and you would need to decide which type you want to get.

We offer different types that are very popular; these are the horizontal, vertical, and IEC styles. A horizontal and vertical IEC320 PDU is the most commonly used.

But the IEC C19 PDU is popular, especially among commercial establishments.